The Criterion has been the host to many noteworthy individuals. One of the most famous stories, albeit fictional, is that the Criterion is the place where Sherlock Holmes first met Dr. Watson. However, it was a real life dining location of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who imagined the scene occurring at the Criterion Long Bar. Other nonfictional diners were the first suffragettes, Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, Edgar Wallace, Sir Hugh Walpole, G.K Chesterton, Bertrand Russell, and H.G. Wells acting as chairman for the Royal College of Science’s first annual dinner.

It is still a favourite location for politicians, members of the Royal family, and stars of the stage and screen. Most recently it has been used for scenes in the movies “Batman: The Dark Knight” and “A Good Year”. Out of all the Art Nouveau buildings in England, the Criterion Restaurant might be the best example of this concept of indulgence and luxury.

The ceiling is displays a beautiful floral design, but another feature is that this design is created using gold. The ceiling is worth millions, making it the epitome of luxury.