Francesco Filizzola and Colomboloco


Francesco is supported by the great Colomboloco band and together they are the most fun you can have in London or wherever you would like them to play for you.

A blend of the best Dolce Vita swing, Spanish-Latin fire, rock and roll extravaganza, opera power, lounge music charm, and Neapolitan and tarantella flavour. (altro…)

The House of Lords

An amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill obliging the UK to stay in the European Economic Area after it leaves the EU in 2019 was backed by 245 votes to 218. This was despite neither the government nor the Labour leadership backing it. Ministers warned that staying in the EEA would not give the UK “control of our borders or our laws” and the issue will now return to the Commons. Pro-EU MPs said they were hopeful of getting the Commons support needed to prevent the changes being overturned. But to do so they will have to defeat the two largest parties if Labour maintains its opposition to the amendment in the Commons. (altro…)


The event, simultaneously hosted the AZ Franchising AWARDS is the first and only event organized by AZ Franchising that since 2001 awards the best franchise networks.

Among the companies that have received the prestigious awards included Pianoforte Holding – owner of brands Carpisa, Yamamay and Jaked, Rossopomodoro, PRIVACYCERT Italy and AllBeBox.

A special award was presented to GIOVANNI RANA for “his entrepreneurial vision in the ability to transform a product of Italian culture in a coveted excellence recognized and appreciated at an international level“.


Bond Street Awards 2017

Work in progress on the nominations for BOND STREET AWARDS 2017 that will take a place on December 7 in London at Amba Hotel – Marble Arch.

The Awards are an International recognition to companies and entrepreneurs whose business culture corresponds to the highest ethical and professional standards and have distinguished themselves by intuition and skills, managements, development, innovation and research.

During the last event, CIPNES, the North East Sardinian Industry Consortium, presented the “INSULA” project, a territorial marketing platform aimed at gathering, innovating and internationalizing the agribusiness production chain, the fishing industry and crafts of excellence. Representing the Consortium at the event were Aldo Carta and Massimo Masia, respectively CIPNES General Manager and Project Manager.


Brexit Red Line

The British government’s key Brexit red lines – controlling EU immigration, ending the jurisdiction of the European court of justice, calling time on further big EU budget contributions – are by now well known, set out first in speeches by Theresa May and later confirmed in a government white paper.

But what of the EU’s red lines? Here we map the concerns, priorities and demands of each of the UK’s 27 negotiating partners. Some are shared, more or less, by all; others are strictly national. All will play a part in the deal Britain gets – because Brexit also means what the EU27 want it to mean.